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Drug & Alcohol Testing Programs To Meet Federal & Commercial Requirements

Drug Testing Services

Drug Testing Services to Meet US DOT, FAA, FTA, FMCSA, and PHIMSA Requirements

Norton Medical Industries’ (NMI) mission is to discourage the use of drugs, via drug testing services, in the workplace. The implementation of this simple concept has dramatically reduced drug usage, accidents and injury in every industry and workplace.

In the federally regulated workplace the incidence of drug use is one in 165 employed randomly tested workers. In the general population the incidence of a person who uses cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates is one in four.

Norton Medical will help you with every aspect of your program with written drug and alcohol plans, worker education, supervisor education, collection sites, random selections audit support, MIS reports and statistical summary reports. Everything you need will be on your website for your company.

We provide drug testing services and more:

  • 24/7 Online Web Access to Test Results, Employee Lists, Randoms & Invoices.
  • Specimen Collection and Confirmation in Accordance with all Federal Regulations Nationwide
  • Nationally Recognized Medical Review Officer and Support.
  • Audit Support, Database Management, Record Keeping as well as Certification of Compliance and SAP Referral Service (please call us to refer you to a SAP).
  • Background Checks including Criminal History Search as well as Truck Driver and FAA Required Pilot Records Information Act 65 (PRIA) Packages.

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Federally regulated drug testing started in 1989 when the Department of Transportation implemented its drug and alcohol testing program for covered workers. When the DOT-regulated drug testing program began, 18% of American truck drivers drug tested positive for cocaine, marijuana or amphetamines. The rate of positive drug tests has since dropped tremendously. In 1998, 5% of pre-employment drug tests came back positive for illicit drugs, and for those employees in random drug testing programs, the positive drug test rate was less than 2%. In the FAA program, the positive drug test rate fell to less than 1%. The federal drug testing program focuses on urine drug testing. A chain of custody form is used to ensure the drug testing process integrity. Urine analysis is first processed with a general drug screening test for the presence of illicit drugs, and if the initial drug test comes back positive, the drug test screen is then re-tested utilizing a more accurate drug test called GC/MS where the sample is vaporized and then bombarded with electrons to create a unique fingerprint of the drug. This drug test is reliable enough to use as evidence in a court of law.

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Norton Medical Industries Services

Drug Testing

Drug testing has been shown to drastically reduce drug use when an effective program is developed. Norton Medical Industries creates custom programs to fit each client's needs!

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Alcohol Testing

Testing for alcohol ensures that drivers aren't drinking on the job. Implement alcohol testing in your drug misuse deterrence program to reduce liabilities and increase safety!

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Physical Examinations

CMV operators are required to take a DOT physical exam to maintain their DOT medical certificate and CDL. We work closely with our patients to ensure they are healthy drivers.

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Medical Review Officer

Unlike many other 3rd party administrators, Norton Medical was co-founded and currently run by Dr. Marshall Zablen, M.D., a nationally recognized medical review officer.

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Background Checks

Norton has partnered with 3M Cogent and InformedChoice to provide background services that include LiveScan Fingerprinting and Education/Employment Verification.

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Consortium Services

With one of the largest consortiums in the United States, Norton Medical Industries' drug and alcohol testing program is the best low-cost solution for your business.

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Enroll your company in our Anti-Drug Program today! For Drug Testing Services, call Norton Medical Industries at (800) 243-7669

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